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(One) "Shallow" Song Review
  • “Shallow,” the original theme of A Star Is Born, may prove to be Gaga’s own apex in the spotlight, her completion into superstar of charts... 'Click Here' for the rest of the review.
  • (Two) "7 Rings" Song Review

  • Flexing is a seldom-used but crucial part of Ariana Grande’s self-care regimen. She luxuriated in the joy of being young, beautiful, and wealthy on the featherlight Sweetener cut “successful,” and on her newest single “7 rings,” she expresses the same sentiment from a far more malicious stance. Coasting over an icy beat imbued with real menace, this is the toughest she’s ever sounded, especially when she hits a third verse that’s rapped with impressive dexterity. If only she took the poor listener along for the ride.

  • Grande has dangled “7 rings” over fans’ heads for months, tweeting about the tipsy Tiffany’s trip that inspired the song and teasing the beat in the “thank u, next” video. It’s a letdown given all of the hype. This is The Sound of Music’s “My Favorite Things” as flipped by Regina George, and its sneering tone is a far cry from... 'Click Here' for the rest of the review.
  • Review from Pitch Fork

  • (Three) "Without Me" Song Review

  • Halsey has broken the silence with her newest single “Without Me” after the ‘hopeless fountain kingdom’ album release in 2017. Halsey’s name was out in the public eye recently with G-Eazy and Machine Gun Kelly feuding with each other. G-Eazy is Halsey’s ex-boyfriend who called it quits to their 1-year-old relationship in July 2018. Since then, Halsey has kept out of public eye and “Without Me” is her outcry.

  • n an interview with Zane Lowe, Halsey spoke about this new song. She confirmed that this song will not be a part of an album as she wants it to stand on its own. She also confirmed that there will be a music video coming out for the song, but it is not going to be anything flashy. Halsey also mentions that “Without Me” is her first songwriting as Ashley. Halsey’s real name Ashley Nicolette Frangipane. ‘Halsey’ is a spin on the letters used in ‘Ashley.’

  • The song speaks about the life after a relationship coming to an end. The singer reminisces back to all the times she... 'Click Here' for the rest of the review.

  • Review from Just Random Things

  • (Four) "Sunflower" Song Review

  • Post Malone & Swae Lee combine forces for another smash hit. Most of the time, songs that are made specifically for movies can be a little iffy. You know that a big bag is being offered to the artists creating it and sometimes, the same type of creative output just isn't applied. Thankfully, that's not the case for Post Malone and Swae Lee's latest track "Sunflower." The song has been previewed by both parties in the last few weeks and finally, we're getting to hear the full version. We were getting a little tired of replaying the same 10-second portion that was teased on Instagram so that's definitely nice.
  • Swae Lee and Post Malone have proven to be a potent duo when they mash-up their talents as a whole. Of course, the two previously collaborated on Post's "Spoil My Night" from beerbongs & bentleys and now they're back to deliver a track for the highly-anticipated film Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. As you would expect from this combination of artists, we're getting some seriously catchy melodies from the hook, to the verses, to the last second of the song. Post and Swae have a true ear for good melodies and they're showing off that talent here.

    'Click Here' for the rest of the review.

  • Review from Hot New Hip Hop

  • (Five) "Middle Child" Song Review

  • J. Cole's "Middle Child" Marks His Highest Charting Single On Billboard Hot 100.
  • J. Cole seems to be plotting on the release of a new project. It's unsure when the project is expected to be released but considering the fact he released his first single since 2013, "Middle Child," it looks like a follow-up to K.O.D is imminent. Cole is one of the few artists who doesn't have to do a lot but release music and his dedicated fanbase will make sure it reaches the Billboard charts. The rapper's latest single has now earned him his latest top 5 single on the Billboard Hot 100...

    'Click Here' for the rest of the review.

  • Review from Hot New Hip Hop

  • (Six) "Happier" Song Review

  • ‘Yellow’ is a strange colour that has the ability to reflect both brightness and sadness at the same time. The new music video for “Happier” by Marshmello and Bastille, captures this concept very well. Although the song speaks of a failing relationship, whereas the music video draws inspiration from a bond between a dog and its owner. Both are quite tragic love stories.
  • In a Tweet last month, Bastille announced that they wrote the song and Marshmello produced it. They also admit that it was meant to be a sad melancholy, which was uplifted with the electronic music by Marshmello.
  • Last year we wrote a song called “Happier” which we thought would be great as a collaboration. We had a lot of fun getting to work on it with Marshmello who managed to find some joy in the melanchol... For the rest of the review from Just random Things "Click Here"
  • (Seven) "Thank U, Next" Song Review

  • Late Saturday night, Ariana Grande offered yet another reminder that she is the ponytailed patron saint of grace, light, and sass. On “thank u, next,” the track she released that night, she doesn’t stir the pot about her recent breakup, as the common media narrative might expect; instead she finds the value in letting go.

  • It’s a generosity rarely spotted these days, when it is so much more tempting to clap back with vinegar instead of honey—and after Grande’s rollercoaster of a year, few would blame her for embracing full-on “Shout Out to My Ex”-style spite. But “thank u, next,” despite its kiss-off title, is not about throwing shade or dragging her exes. It’s “jus love, gratitude, acceptance, honesty, forgiveness … and growth,” as Grande clarified in a tweet.

  • Grande’s kind assessment of the past begins immediately with a run through her romantic timeline, including her highly public relationship with Big Sean and engagement to Pete Davidson, concluding with a devastating ode to the late Mac Miller. These men, with all their imperfections, have shaped her for the better, and now she has enough perspective to thank them. She does so with an already iconic farewell over a subtle, twinkling beat: “Thank you, next/I’m so fuckin’ grateful for my ex.”
  • Then, after demonstrating her newfound serenity, Grande almost gives fans (and TMZ) a conniption when she teases that she’s met someone new, but then reveals that the love she’s found is with herself: “She taught me love/She taught me patience/How she handles pain/That shit’s amazing.” Much like the “one girl swaying alone” twist in Lorde’s “Liability,” it’s an eloquent display of inner strength and incisive self-awareness; “thank u, next” embraces a rare mindset that perhaps not so many people, let alone famous pop stars, grant to their exes. The high road might not be the easiest path, but Grande offers to lead us there by her own example.
  • Review from Pitch Fork

  • (Ten) "Sicko Mode" Song Review

  • "Sicko Mode" is a song by American rapper Travis Scott and is the second single from the rappers third studio album, Astroworld that is expected to dethrone Drake's five week reign atop the Billboard 200 with Scorpion.
  • In Travis Scott style Instrumentally, “Sicko Mode” is three songs in one with three abrupt and overwhelming beat change-ups making each movement of the song distinct. The song is slow-moving at first, with Drake ad-libbing through the cinematic organ intro, but at the track’s one-minute mark, the instant it sounds like Scott has crafted a great Drake song, the beat switches. Swae Lee & Juicy J also contribute to the song which recycles samples of Biggie and Uncle Luke showing Scott’s synthetic instincts.
  • The song has Travis Scott and Drake talking about their personal lives and how they have made it despite the cutthroat competition in the industry.
  • The word “Sicko” or “6icko” is a term coined by Kevin Durant and Drake. “6” refers to Drake’s hometown Toronto and his slang from “Charged Up” calls his people as ‘sickos.’
  • For more on song check out this video "Sicko Mode" Explained, from Genius News.

  • Since the release of 'ASTROWORLD' on August 3rd, Travis Scott’s “SICKO MODE" quickly made its way to the top of Genius' Top Songs Chart. The three-part 'ASTROWORLD' track is produced by Hit-Boy, OZ, Tay Keith, and CuBeatz.
  • (Eleven) "High Hopes" Song Review

  • Panic! At The Disco’s new single “High Hopes” is an instant hit. This is one of those songs you can scream out loud and motivate yourself at the same time. The vocals by Brendon Urie, the lyrics, and the music video are a perfect combo for the song to be a #1 hit.
  • “High Hopes” track appears in Panic! At The Disco’s 6th studio album ‘Pray For The Wicked’ released on June 22, 2018. This album follows their high-selling album ‘Death of a Bachelor’ released in January 2016. ‘Pray For The Wicked’ album included another single “Say Amen (Satuday Night)” released in March 2018.

  • Releasing the “High Hopes” music video, the lead vocalist of the band, Brandon Urie, left a message to the fans;

    “No matter how hard your dreams seem, keep going. You might even have to climb up the side of a building in downtown LA, but it’ll all be worth it at the top. Stay up on that rise…”
    'Click Here' for the rest of the review.

  • Review from Just random Things

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